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Clear Lens Glasses

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Clear Lens Glasses are the perfect timeless accessory that everyone needs to amp up their accessory game!  HB Sunglass Company is the perfect place to get your brand updated with the latest Clear Lens Glasses.  You'll be sure to find your favorite style in our catalog that'll suit you and your brand best!  

They're timeless.  These non-prescription glasses look amazing as a fashion accessory too!  Clear lens glasses particularly does not have a hot season, but our pick would have to be the fall!  Fall fashion is all about neutral and earth tones.  With a grayer slate, layering and accessorizing is your best friend in the fall.  Adding in a touch of silver, gold, black or even crystal clear frames will sure bring you some attention!  
There are so many styles of frame shape to choose from.  Our catalog includes styles like cat eye glasses, round frame glasses, half-frame glasses, or even rectangle and many more!  You'll definitely find many styles that suit you and your company best!  Frames aren't the only customizable part in glasses.  With our non-prescription glasses, we have blue light blocking lenses in specific styles!  These are perfect for people with office/desk jobs, or even for the people who are on their mobile devices and computers for long periods of times.  

Be sure to check out our clear lens selection of glasses! is everything wholesale for sunglasses located just south of Los Angeles, California.  We carry wholesale sunglasses, reading glasses, clear glasses, polarized sunglasses, sports sunglasses, sunglass displays, fit over sunglasses, clip ons for sunglasses, novelty sunglasses, kids sunglasses, x-Loop sunglasses, women's sunglasses, Triple Crown Sunglasses, Locs Sunglasses, safety glasses, blue light glasses, aviator sunglasses, vintage sunglasses, fashionable sunglasses, sunglass accessories and more! Our sunglasses all have full uv400 with UVA and UVB protection. We also offer private label. Please send us an email with any inquiries for custom orders.

Our styles are trendy, our prices are unbeatable, our customer service and shipping times are quick! We are a top sunglass distributor worldwide. We ship within the United States in addition to Australia, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Brazil and many more destinations! You can find our sunglasses worldwide in boutiques, kiosks, online retailers, chain stores, department stores, fairs, flea markets, gas stations, wholesale stores, gift shops, convenience stores, liquor stores, 99cent stores, eBay, Amazon, ...just about in any location.  Orders can be easily placed online, with no minimum order required and same day shipping services from Fedex, UPS, USPS or DHL.  We take payments via PayPal, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay and Venmo. We will be adding Sezzle or Afterpay soon so you can buy now, and pay later! 

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